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New Electro Mood (And How I Made It)

2011-05-14 22:10:26 by PrEmoEffect

I've always envied Shogun (Myon and Shane 54), and Dinka for their incredibly complex sounds in songs like Connected and Chemistry. I never actually thought I'd be able to create those kind of sounds, but with quite a bit of experimentation, I found that it is definitely doable. Check out the results of my latest attempt: Stroma. The synth used to produce the airy feel is composed of multiple saw waves oscillators that are modulated by an filter envelope that I automate fully (decay time and sustain level). The bass is composed of 4 synths, each that contributes to a different part of the overall sound. The main gritty effect is made by single sawtooth waves with no detune. The output of the synths are then put to different types of distortion, mainly overdrive and saturation.

Premoeffect - Stroma (Electro Mix)

Now I'm jealous of Feed Me ;)

Maybe next time...


New Electro Mood (And How I Made It)