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Of Angels and Men Ep1 Pt1 Of Angels and Men Ep1 Pt1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice One

It was really good. Love the idea. It was a little mysterious, and I love the play on words with Of Mice and Men. Is it going to be related somehow, or did I just miss the connection?

Anyways, good work.

Dog Of Man Dog Of Man

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think I get it

The animation and all is good, so I give a 10. However, I want to comment on the meaning of the flash (as it is far greater than in other flash movies). Yes it is creepy. Yes it is dark, but its also sad. Heres the story: The man is sad that he has no friends. His dog comes in and tells him about the friendly growths. They go to the store. The dog tells him that he will find a true friend if he has a tumor (as I will explain later). At first, he is happy because of the tumor. However, later on, he starts to die. The dog tells the man that he will offer his body for the man. The man cuts off the limbs and head of the dog... gore etc.
1st part explanation: The dog is trying to prove his friendship to the man so tells the man that if the man gets a tumor he will get a friend. The man starts to die (as out of the three "seeds" a tumor is the only one that can actually cause a death.) That is why the dog told the man that the man would be happy if he got a tumor. The dog was trying to show his friendship through an extreme situation. (The dog sacrificed his life for the man's life in order to prove friendship).
2nd part.
The extremely sad part of the flash:
In the end. If you notice this (you might not notice this if you dont watch carefully), but in the end, the man thanks his body (the tumor) thinking that it has been his friend. This is sad because we know that it was not the tumor that was his friend, but the dog. So in all this effort to prove his friendship, the dog was not able to send his message to the man. (as you can see, the dog remains were cleared, but the tumor was put onto a "pedestal"). This is a very sad movie, and iI salute you. I really enjoy the abstractness of having the deranged combined with meaning.

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