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Of Angels and Men Ep1 Pt1 Of Angels and Men Ep1 Pt1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice One

It was really good. Love the idea. It was a little mysterious, and I love the play on words with Of Mice and Men. Is it going to be related somehow, or did I just miss the connection?

Anyways, good work.

Dog Of Man Dog Of Man

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I think I get it

The animation and all is good, so I give a 10. However, I want to comment on the meaning of the flash (as it is far greater than in other flash movies). Yes it is creepy. Yes it is dark, but its also sad. Heres the story: The man is sad that he has no friends. His dog comes in and tells him about the friendly growths. They go to the store. The dog tells him that he will find a true friend if he has a tumor (as I will explain later). At first, he is happy because of the tumor. However, later on, he starts to die. The dog tells the man that he will offer his body for the man. The man cuts off the limbs and head of the dog... gore etc.
1st part explanation: The dog is trying to prove his friendship to the man so tells the man that if the man gets a tumor he will get a friend. The man starts to die (as out of the three "seeds" a tumor is the only one that can actually cause a death.) That is why the dog told the man that the man would be happy if he got a tumor. The dog was trying to show his friendship through an extreme situation. (The dog sacrificed his life for the man's life in order to prove friendship).
2nd part.
The extremely sad part of the flash:
In the end. If you notice this (you might not notice this if you dont watch carefully), but in the end, the man thanks his body (the tumor) thinking that it has been his friend. This is sad because we know that it was not the tumor that was his friend, but the dog. So in all this effort to prove his friendship, the dog was not able to send his message to the man. (as you can see, the dog remains were cleared, but the tumor was put onto a "pedestal"). This is a very sad movie, and iI salute you. I really enjoy the abstractness of having the deranged combined with meaning.

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D-fence 2 !! D-fence 2 !!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting Concept (Spoiler alert)

Lack of lategame depth. All you had to do to win was to get an insanely high income. Granted the first 20 minutes were fun, but afterwards, it was basically a question of income and number of soldiers. Contrary to popular opinion, I liked the preset game spaces. They gave more depth by creating strong and weak points. Btw, to those who complained about only few watch spaces, you can place the watch towers behind the walls. They are much more effective that way.

Fun early game
Interesting game mechanics

Extremely boring late game (which was extremely easy, or hard depending on income)
Lack of more interesting enemies. Interesting ideas would be flying, artillery (to make the user more active), lane changing units, stealth units, its up to you.
Lack of more interesting late game dynamics. It becomes too easy. But that is not the cue to make enemies harder. It is to say that it should not be easy to get 30000 income. Interesting dynamics would be upkeep, taxes, or some other form of money flow in addition to the factories.

I think it would be more interesting if there was just more variety in general.

Besides that, however, it is quite a fun game, but once you beat it, theres not much else to do.

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Neonium Neonium

Rated 5 / 5 stars


That game was really fun. I played until level 19ish where I got a 60x multiplier. It got slow because of the vulcan minigun heh =P. I'd play it longer, but I didnt have that much time. But its a cool game, I'll recommend this to my friends.

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D20-Fantasmatic D20-Fantasmatic

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, great track - very sophisticated. Perhaps it would be even more so if you used a high pass or bandpass filter on the kick/bass sprinkled throughout the song, as well as in the beginning.

Rich People Rich People

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow this is incredible! The atmosphere is so unusual and very much unlike much I've heard before. Contrary to the reviewer below, I find that the clicks are actually really nice - rather, I find the title to be unfitting. It just doesn't capture the artistic content of this piece. The percussion is done really nicely in my opinion ( I think base drum needs something a little punchier though). As for other effects, I think some vocal stabs would add a lot to the artistic effect you create here. Please see Stephen J Kroos - Reperfusion for some ideas for vocals. And while I absolutely love the lead sounds, others might like to hear some stronger sounds once in a while (please please keep those wonderful leads). For some ideas, you might want to look into Andrew Bayer - Nexus 6 (though, I think you create here quite a unique atmosphere that you should keep). Anyway, I hope you keep on producing amazing tracks like this!

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks PrEmoEffect! You are one of the first artists I really liked and followed on this site - on my old account thatbennyguy. I pm'd you with my crap album once and you listened to the whole thing - and even gave notes! You're the man, and your production skills are unique and unparalleled. Cheers bro and hope to keep hearing from you!


meh {DU} meh {DU}

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey, this is an interesting sound. I would really work with that bell sound and bring out out more. You don't need to have it play all the way through a song to make a main theme though. (Think of it as a chorus). For the pads, I would try to use some stereo separation next time (it would make them sound very spacy, which would be fitting for this song). On the other hand, I think you could use some improvement for the beats, but those take a lot of work. One thing I would try to work on right away is the base and the type of energy you are looking to put out (here the beats actually made the song feel slower (the beginning is amazing :))). You could try to make some drumstep, if that's what you're into. I think it would fit well with the song. Anyway, I hope this helps!

decoyultimatum responds:

yay im so glad you reviewed it. the intro and the chords are my favorite part of this song. it seems that everyone is tellin me that my drums suck lol i kno they do. i will bring out the bells and try to make the pads seperated. as for the beat im going to leave that up to someone else. i have a friend who said he would remix it. im so glad i made this song. so much good has come of it. thanks for reviewing